Iron as Sumalate®

Why Iron?

Many pregnant women will develop iron deficiency, therefore it is very important when choosing a prenatal supplement to choose one, such as PrimaCare™, that contains iron. Iron is the key component of hemoglobin with is found in red blood cells and carries oxygen throughout the body. Blood volume increases 30-50% during pregnancy, therefore it is imperative to ensure you are getting adequate amounts of iron.3


The form of iron in PrimaCare™ is ferrous asparto glycinate, also known as Sumalate®. Sumalate® iron has a 40% absorption.1 This relative high absorption is due to many factors. Sumalate® is chelated, so the iron molecule is caged by amino acids which makes it less prone to absorption inhibitors found in foods such as tea, coffee, grains, grapes, and wine leading to greater absorption. Sumalate® iron is also absorbed more readily in the small intestine because its absorption is less pH dependent than other forms of iron that can only be absorbed in a specific location.2-5 In addition, the vitamin C found in PrimaCare™ increases the absorption of Sumalate®.6,7 Due to the greater absorption of Sumalate® compared to other iron forms, the tolerability is also greater with less GI upset and can be taken with or without food.1,8-10

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