The Importance of Biotin

Research suggests that between 1/3 and 1/2 of women develop biotin deficiency during pregnancy, and can be positively impacted through oral supplementation.8 Biotin is a vitamin important for cellular function and growth and therefore is essential to fetal development.11 Biotin is also important in maintaining healthy skin and nails. Biotin is not naturally produced in the body, so it is suggested pregnant women look for a prenatal supplement that includes biotin, such as PrimaCare™, to provide these key benefits.

PrimaCare™ delivers 1 mg of biotin, which is more than any leading prescription prenatal dietary supplement.1-7

  • The reason that biotin deficiency is common is because of increased requirements of biotin for fetal growth and development as well as an acceleration of biotin breakdown in pregnancy9,10
  • If biotin deficiency is not adequately supplemented during pregnancy, it may lead to brittle nails, hair loss and skin rashes12,13

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